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Terms and Conditions for Purchases

1. Where Onward Chemical Pvt. Ltd is purchasing goods, the vendor shall keep Onward Chemical Pvt. Ltd indemnified and hold Onward Chemical Pvt. Ltd harmless in respect of all proceeding, costs or claims arising either by reason of failure of the vendor to honor its terms of quotation to Onward Chemical Pvt. Ltd or arising by reason of any alleged defect in the goods or any allegation that the goods were not fit for the purposes for which they were sold, or otherwise arising by reason of the sale of the goods to Onward Chemical Pvt. Ltd or the onward sale of same to third parties, including any costs or expenses (including managerial or administrative time required to be spent on the matter by Onward Chemical Pvt. Ltd staff or management) incurred by Onward Chemical Pvt. Ltd in defending the proceedings and shall afford Onward Chemical Pvt. Ltd all assistance required by Onward Chemical Pvt. Ltd or its legal advisors in defending such proceedings . Alternatively, the vendor shall, at the request of Onward Chemical Pvt. Ltd and at the sole discretion of Onward Chemical Pvt. Ltd, take over the defence of the proceedings on behalf of Onward Chemical Pvt. Ltd having first provided Onward Chemical Pvt. Ltd with an indemnity to its satisfaction, together with such security as Onward Chemical Pvt. Ltd considers reasonable to cover any likely liability that Onward Chemical Pvt. Ltd may have as a result of such proceeding.

2. Onward Chemical Pvt. Ltd is not responsible for any loss or damage in Transit due to any reason/situation like pilferage theft, weather condition strikes, riots disturbances, fire explosion or accident of delivered goods unless it is insured by the Seller of this invoice.

3. Once the Purchase Order is confirmed as per the agreed terms and conditions, Onward Chemical Pvt. Ltd will not be responsible for any hike in the prices of goods to be delivered due to any reason/changes in the tax structure.


Governing Law: This contract/Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India.

Jurisdiction: All disputes differences claims demands and questions of whatsoever nature arising out of or relating to or in pursuance of or touching this contract/document or the construction meaning, scope, operation, effect or application thereof, or of any thing or clause contained therein, or any account or liability of any of the parties hereto, or as to any act deed matter or thing done or omitted to be done in any way relating to these presents, arising either during the continuance of this contract/agreement or afterwards, shall be referred to a sole arbitrator to be appointed by Onward Chemical Pvt. Ltd from the panel of Indian Merchants Chamber or Bombay Chamber of Commerce. Such arbitration shall be in the English language and in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, or any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof for the time being in force.

All such arbitration or court proceedings shall be held at Mumbai & subject to Mumbai jurisdiction.