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Puretone™ Titanium Dioxide Rutile

Puretone™ Titanium dioxide is a high purity, rutile grade white pigment used in paints. It provides opacity to paints by efficient light scattering mechanism and even particle size distribution. Helps in masking dull colours and enhances the tint strength of pigments. Puretone™ TiO2, due to its high brightness and high refractive index offers the “perfect white” in paints and various applications
The grades offered are:

* Puretone™ Titanium Dioxide Rutile TR
* Puretone™ Titanium Dioxide Rutile 9020


* Road Marking Paints   * Printing Ink
* Plastics   * Industrial Coatings
* Solvent Based Paints   * Master Batch
* Architectural Coatings   * Marine Coatings
* Can/Coil Coatings   * Emulsion paints

Puretone™ 9020    
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Puretone™ TR    
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